Thursday, December 3, 2015

Into the Senyas Ashrama

As a writer, producer and director with eighteen years in an advertising agency environment, as well as at least as many years in film and video production and the performing arts, I chose to depart from traditional consumer product marketing.

While there will always be a place for conscientious and creative marketing of useful products, I was burned out on trying to sell more stuff to people who neither needed nor could afford more stuff, stuff that seldom made any contribution to anyone's quality of life. Instead, I committed my talents, vision and mindfulness to working with people and organizations involved in the products, practices and services that enrich the human experience, and perhaps help save us from extinction.

While I don't pretend to be enlightened, I have awakened to the knowledge that we humans are the conscious expression of Creation, the Universe becoming aware of its self. We stand upon a mountaintop of evolution and from this lofty place in the middle of eternity, we have the sole purpose of kindling a light in the darkness of mere being.

Being drawn to wide, wild, windswept and mountainous places, in 2011, I sought and accepted an assignment with the National Outdoor Leadership School, the largest outdoor education institution in the world. NOLS' classroom is the wilderness and it is committed to sustainable practices, both in the field and throughout the organization.
In my work for NOLS, I attained a CDL with passenger and air brake endorsements, and I drove over 10,000 miles, safely transporting students, provisions and gear over dusty desert roads, winding mountain passes and rocky one-lane tracks sometimes above the tree line to wilderness trail heads, all while acting as a servant leader to NOLS students. Through that experience––combined with my lifelong work as a marketing strategist, producer of major video productions and live events, and as a voice and on-camera talent––I now possess a singularly unique marketing, transportation logistics and outdoor education skills set.

What I do...

 I am a voice and on-camera talent with exceptional professional representation and an international clientele.

 I conceive, write and execute award-winning, strategic marketing campaigns for organizations involved in environmental preservation, outdoor education, adventure travel and self-exploration.

 I write, produce and direct video and film projects, particularly those which focus on environmental preservation, sustainable products and practices, and tourism.

 I am an outdoor photographer and writer of indefatigable energy and adventurous spirit. My work has been purchased and published by Kodak and licensed by National Geographic.

In moving into this senyas ashrama of life, I believe that our best hope of survival as a species begins, not only with practical skills, but with mindfulness and personal awareness. Toward enhancing that awareness and accompanying others on the path toward enlightenment is where I wish to focus whatever light I may kindle.